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I am having some problems with the away3D library. I want to apply a bend to a cube using AS3DMod, but i can't seem to get it working. My cubes kind of get mutilated when i want to bend them :p they bend to all directions and i can't seem to find a pattern in the bending. anyone have any experience (or advice) with this? thanks in advance.

private function bend(e:MouseEvent3D):void
    //We get the current target.
    var _target:Cube = e.target as Cube;

    //We create a new modifier.
    var _bend:Bend = new Bend(2);
    _bend.constraint = ModConstant.LEFT;
    _bend.bendAxis = ModConstant.LEFT;

    var _mod:ModifierStack = new ModifierStack(new LibraryAway3d(), _target);

    //We play the modification.

    //We render the scene.
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--same problem, saw this book w/ as3dMod examples that also didn't work, finally found "errata" page from author explaining the as3d mod library is outdated. he posted some fixes to download here: http://blog.alladvanced.net/away3d-3-6-cookbook/

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I don't really need it anymore right now, but the answer is really appreciated, since it was really bugging me i couldn't get it up and running ;) I'll have a look at it and hopefully I will be able to use this in future projects ;) Thank you very much! – Michiel Standaert Jul 20 '11 at 21:25

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