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I read something about the .load function in jQuery. Is there a way to insert the script tags in the loaded page?

When I try to load a page the scripts doesn't load :s, I want to fix this. And getscript() isn't a option.

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Don't look for a different solution to avoid the problem. You should figure out why the script doesn't load, or use getScript. – Josiah Ruddell May 10 '11 at 15:06

When .load() returns HTML content that contains <script> tags, jQuery strips out the <script> tags, moves them,1 executes them, and then removes them.

While this makes it hard to step through those scripts with a debugger, the scripts do execute.

See also

1Either to the <head>, or the parentmost element — I haven't found an authoritative source on this yet, though I could just check the jQuery source...

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Its not exactly true, at least now (version 1.9). jQuery documentation says that script tags will be executed only if there is no suffixed selector expression. It means that $('selector').load('my-url #other-selector') will not execute script tags contained in the #other-selector node. They call it a feature but for me it's rather a bug ... – Fabien Quatravaux May 17 '13 at 9:38

Instead of using $(el).load I did a $.get, parsed the result en ev(i)lled ;) the scripts

For readibility and understanding I've tried to use variablenames that reflect their purpose and simplified it a lot. Ofcourse there should be some error handling here, but it's just a POC. HTH someone :)

Below *le code

var ajax_url = "mypage.htm";
var result_selector_filter = "#mynewcontent";
var element_to_update = $("#mycontent");

// below the statement that you'ld normally use
// element_to_update.load(ajax_url + ' ' + result_selector_filter);

$.get(ajax_url, function(response){
    // parse the entire response into a jQuery object
    var initial_parsed_result = $(response);
    // find the selector that needed to be filtered
    var result_node = initial_parsed_result.find(result_selector_filter);

    // update the html

    // variables used while looping
    var current_node,i;

    // Loop the parsed result jQuery object, check if it's a script tag and evaluate it
        // create a jquery object for current looped result html
        current_node = $(initial_parsed_result.get(i));
        // check if current node is a script tag
        // method always returns the tagname in CAPITALS
        if(current_node.prop("tagName")=="SCRIPT") {
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