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I have a table with structure

    ID   price1   price2 price3 price4 rate1 rate2 rate3 rate4
    1     10       11     12      13    2     3      2     2

i want to insert into another tableB

ID   Price Rate
 1    10    2
 1    11    3

Now in my cursor i am fetching all the values from TableA into variables

Fetch next from cursor1 into @id,@price1,@price2,@price3,@price4,@rate1,@rate2,@rate3,@rate4

After fetching it i want to insert into TableB

I want to loop through columns of the TableA so the insert statement is

 insert into tableB (Id,Price,Rate) values (@id,@price1,@rate1)

But i would have to give 4 insert statement to get the values

Is there a way i can loop so i can have one single insert statement in a loop

In this example i had given just 4 columns but i have 30 columns so its essential i need to get into loop



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You dont need cursors for this, it can be done straight from a query -

INSERT INTO TableB (id, price, rate)
select id, price1, rate1 from TableA
select id, price2, rate2 from TableA
select id, price3, rate3 from TableA

Avoid cursors if possible, they always have performance impact.

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The syntax you are looking for is:

INSERT INTO TableB (ID, Price, Rate)
(@id, @price1, @rate1),
(@id, @price2, @rate2),
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not really... i was looking at way of replacing price1 and rate1 with rate+i and price+i something like that where i is the looping counter – Prady May 10 '11 at 16:12
@prady - If you use this syntax you can do one INSERT using whatever variables you have. What you are suggesting sounds like creating a CURSOR using Dynamic SQL, since you have an unknown number of elements to insert. This is an exceptionally bad idea. – JNK May 10 '11 at 16:14

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