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The requirement is to generate a single report connecting to a single DB:

  1. Query1 is a group by query and has a bar chart and pie chart based on it.
  2. Query2 is a simple query on which a table gets created.

Both these queries need results based on a WHERE clause, which is supplied dynamically.

Can somebody point me to some examples on how to achieve this?

Thank you.

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Looks very generic requirements. Refer to Jasper documentation or jasper book. you'll find such examples. Look for sub reports and dataset sections to address your needs. – sudmong May 10 '11 at 16:26
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You can tell JasperReports to use a parameter to define part of the query using the $P!{PARAMETER_NAME} syntax. This tells JasperReports to use the literal value of PARAMETER_NAME as part of the query. You can then do:

  1. Create a parameter named WHERE_CLAUSE in the report.
  2. Give WHERE_CLAUSE a default value of 1=1.
  3. Consider the following SQL statement:

The $P! expression changes the literal SQL statement to:


That is a valid query. Note the difference between $P{} and $P!{} -- the exclamation mark (!) is important.

You can then supply the SQL conditions dynamically.

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