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I'm using a rather old version of Hibernate (3.2.4) so it's possible this is related to that. Unfortunately the project requirements prevent me from upgrading.

I have a class Foo with many-to-one association to Bar. The association is flagged:

lazy="false" fetch="join"

Now when I do something like:

em.find(Foo.class, id);

I get the expected result: a single statement joining the FOO table with the BAR table. However, when I try something like:

em.createQuery("select f from Foo where = :id")
.setParameter("id", id)

I get the single join followed by an additional select query against BAR. The second query seems to be entirely superfluous; all the data needed to eagerly populate an instance of Foo should have been available from the initial join. It looks roughly like this:

select,, ...,,, ... 
from foo f 
join bar b on = f.bar_id 
where = ?

select,, ... 
from bar b 
where = ?

Any thoughts?

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Hibernate doesn't respect fetch = "join" when executing HQL queries. From the documentation:

The fetch strategy defined in the mapping document affects:

  • retrieval via get() or load()
  • retrieval that happens implicitly when an association is navigated
  • Criteria queries
  • HQL queries if subselect fetching is used

In the case of HQL queries you have to use left join fetch:

em.createQuery("select f from Foo f left join fetch where = :id")
    .setParameter("id", id)
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Yes, I realized this after the fact. Is there a way in HQL/JPA-QL to indicate "join fetch all associations" so I don't have to enumerate them? It seems Hibernate supports this via Criteria queries (setFetchMode) but I'm constrained to the JPA interface. – jph May 10 '11 at 16:49
@user190758: I guess no, since Hibernate has much more freedom when constructing Criteria queries than when translating HQL queries. – axtavt May 10 '11 at 16:53
Man that sucks. Know if its possible to "convert" an HQL query to a criteria instance that I could programmatically call setFetchMode() on? Or possibly a hint I could pass Hibernate via the JPA setHint() method? – jph May 10 '11 at 17:00

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