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I have a program "Sample" which takes input both from stdin and a non-standard file descriptor (3 or 4) as shown below

int pfds[2];
printf("%s","\nEnter input for stdin");
read(0, pO, 5);    
printf("\nEnter input for fds 3");
read(pfds[0], pX, 5);

printf("\nOutput stout");
write(1, pO, strlen(pO));    
printf("\nOutput fd 4");
write(pfds[1], pX, strlen(pX));

Now i have another program "Operator" which executes the above program(Sample) in a child process using execv. Now what i want is to send input to "Sample" through the "Operator" .

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After forking the child process, but before calling execve, you'll have to call dup2(2) to redirect the child process' stdin descriptor to the read end of your pipe. Here is a simple piece of code without much error checking:

pipe(pfds_1); /* first pair of pipe descriptors */
pipe(pfds_2); /* second pair of pipe descriptors */

switch (fork()) {
  case 0: /* child */
    /* close write ends of both pipes */

    /* redirect stdin to read end of first pipe, 4 to read end of second pipe */
    dup2(pfds_1[0], 0);
    dup2(pfds_2[0], 4);

    /* the original read ends of the pipes are not needed anymore */


  case -1:
    /* could not fork child */

  default: /* parent */
    /* close read ends of both pipes */

    /* write to first pipe (delivers to stdin in the child) */
    write(pfds_1[1], ...);
    /* write to second pipe (delivers to 4 in the child) */
    write(pfds_2[1], ...);

This way everything you write to the first pipe from the parent process will be delivered to the child process via descriptor 0 (stdin), and everything you write from the second pipe will be delivered to descriptor 4 as well.

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And how do i redirect the other file descriptor of the child process to the read end – mukesh May 10 '11 at 18:08
@scholar: you can create a second pair of pipes with the pipe system call and do a dup2(pfds_2[0], 4) as well. Writing from pfds_2[1] from the parent will deliver to file descriptor 4 in the child. – Blagovest Buyukliev May 10 '11 at 18:29
This way i can write to the file descriptor for stdin but how do i write to the other file descriptor of the "Sample" program . – mukesh May 10 '11 at 18:31
@scholar: check the updated answer. – Blagovest Buyukliev May 10 '11 at 18:38
So erm, you have now implemented popen(3). – Mel May 10 '11 at 19:07

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