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What I am trying to do is to reduce redundancy in my build files. Unfortunately, I cannot figure out a way to circumvent ant's restrictions on nested elements.
One example is externalizing the filling of the MANIFEST, which is the same for all .jars and .ears.

I define a macro, encapsulating the manifest task with a sequential, but trying to use it in a jar task obviously results in a

jar doesn't support the nested "createManifest" element".

Is there a sane way around these restrictions?

Thank you

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Could you instead write a macrodef to template your required jar task, including your standardized manifest section there, rather than in its own macrodef.

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Thanks for the quick answer. I have already reduced the creation of jars to a template-like target which is imported by the individual projects. And I have a similar target for the ears. The two are different except for the manifest part, so I wanted to create a macro for both. Thus if I macro-ify the jar and the ear task separately I still have to repeat the manifest part. – kostja May 10 '11 at 17:13
+1, as you didn't know the context – kostja May 10 '11 at 17:14

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