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I'm trying to build an "Add an Event" page. You can add multiple "Schedules" - each of which will have calculations run on the date(s) / repeat options you set to create "Dates".

-Event hasMany Schedule
-Schedule hasMany Date
-Schedule belongsTo Event
-Date belongsTo Schedule

The question is - how does the data need to be formatted and/or how to the field names need to read in order to be able to saveAll() the data so Date(s) are also saved. I have it currently working so it saves the Event and the Schedule... but I can't get it to also save the Date(s).

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Actually, since CakePHP 2.1, you can do it with saveAll(). Doesn't matter the deep level you have within your models. Here you can see the new features.


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UPDATE: See below answer marked as such. This answer is out of date.

It appears it's not possible according to this stackoverflow answer.

ie - have to do it manually, not in the same "saveAll()".

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saveAll only works on models that are directly associated. From the CakePHP doc:

Saving related data with saveAll() will only work for directly associated models. If successful, last_insert_id()'s will be stored in the related models id field, i.e. $this->RelatedModel->id.


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