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Sorry for the title, I didn't know what else to put.

I am looking to pull all the information on a user in a single database query.

There are 4 tables:

  - userid (PK)
  - serviceid (PK)
  - langid (PK)
  - areaid (PK)
  - user_services_id (PK)
  - serviceid (FK)
  - userid (FK)
  - user_lang_id (PK)  
  - langid (FK)
  - userid (FK)
  - user_area_id (PK)
  - areaid (FK)
  - userid (FK)

Both user and user_services I can pull out fine together as they have one row each and are linked by the user.id.

The user_languages and user_areas table are one to many tables and look similar to:

user_lang_id  |  userid  |  langid
      1       |     5    |     2
      2       |     5    |     6
      3       |     5    |    18

user_area_id  |  userid  |  areaid
      1       |     5    |    15
      2       |     5    |     4
      3       |     5    |    13

What I want the array to look like is this:

    [id] => 5
    [firstname] => lethal    
    [surname] => Mango
    [gender] => male
    [langid] => 2
    [langid] => 6
    [langid] => 18
    [areaid] => London
    [areaid] => Birmingham
    [areaid] => Manchester

I have tried a combination SQL JOINs but that didn't seem to get very far. My last resort was to do 3 seperate queries and join the PHP arrays together at the end (super messy).

Thanks :)

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We can help you more if you provide us with the structure of the tables, but you can do it with JOINs as long as all your tables share a foreign key to one another. It doesn't have to be the same key field (such as user_id), but that does make it more straightforward. With joins, you should have something like this:

select * from user
left join user_services on user_services.id = user.id
left join user_languages on user.id = user_languages.id
left join user_areas on user.id = user_areas.id

This will give you a virtual table that has all of the columns needed. You can then create an array from these columns with the data you need with something like this:

foreach($query_result as $field => $value) {
    $user[$field] = $value;

*Note - Code samples are untested and only for sample purposes.

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Have added more details :) Hope that helps – lethalMango May 10 '11 at 17:38
From the looks of it, Joins should still work. Just join everything on the userid field with the users.id field. – Shauna May 10 '11 at 17:46
Unfortunately that still only pulls out the first languageid and areaid when there are actually 3 and 5 respectively – lethalMango May 11 '11 at 9:24
Did you run the query in MySQL to make sure you weren't accidentally limiting your query? A standard join should return everything that meets the criteria. You can also try a left join (see edited answer), but as long as the fields are filled, it should pull them without the left. – Shauna May 11 '11 at 13:09
Thank you - I'll try that when I get back tonight. I'll let you know how I get on :) – lethalMango May 11 '11 at 14:56

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