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So I'm iterating through all my AR's and setting their relationships dynamically...so I know that I have SomeObject and that it belongs_to ManyObjects...I want to do something like this:

an_object.some_relation = related_object

Is there a way to do this through send or some similar such method? This of course doesn't work:

an_object.send(some_relation_name, related_object)

This works, I'm just interested in doing it a less dangerous, more Rails-meta way:

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Well you could do

an_object.send("#{some_relation_name}=", related_object)

Which is just dynamically calling the setter method.

Or you could go a little lower level and use :


I'd go with the first, it's a little "scary" to use send sometimes, but that's what ruby is all about, dynamic programming.

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Perfect...I haven't always grasped that the = symbol can be part of the literal name of the setter –  Zando May 10 '11 at 18:08

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