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I have the next version of my code base that I've been working on that's on the newVersion branch. I believe what I want to do is rebase newVersion with my master branch. Basically I'd like to see all the commits on the newVersion branch in order, and then the commits on master branch. To Illustrate I have two branches:

newVersion        master
commitA Jan 1     commitX Jan 2
commitB Jan 2     commitY Jan 3
commitC Jan 3
commitD Jan 4

What I want (I think) is to view the commit history as thus:

commitD <- newVersion (version 2)
commitY <- master (version 1)

Does this make sense? Is this what I want or do I want something different? What's the git command I want to use given those branch names?

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git checkout newVersion
git rebase master
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git rebase master newVersion

should do it

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