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Is it possible to check POP3 mailbox for new e-mails via Powershell? And if possible, how can this be achieved?

This link provides some information but doesn't suit me. I know about NetCmdlets but would prefer not to use commercial tools. Also I do not want to start outlook.application. In fact, my goal is to avoid starting outlook, as long as it possible (for performance reasons)

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As far as I know, there is no native POP3 class in the .NET FRAMEWORK. So you can write one using sockets or you can use an exe client. You can try GetMail for Windows.

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What about creating a TCP connection using TCPClient, and next, create a NetworkStream object, connected to the TCPClient object, to read data from the server?

You'll need System.Net.Sockets and System.Net.IO.

Anyway I would search for a C# answer and then try to get it to powershell.

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