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I currently have a "PlugInFolder" folder where I want to copy my custom plug-in as DLL Library. Every plug-in implements my "IPlugIn" interface.

I want to retrieve them at runtime with Windsor Castle.

I've tried something like this without results:

        FromAssembly.InDirectory(new AssemblyFilter("PlugInFolder"))


       IPlugIn[] plugIn= CastleContainer.Instance.ResolveAll<IPlugIn>();  

I receive this error:

Type ImageEditorInterfaces.IPlugIn is abstract.
As such, it is not possible to instansiate it as implementation of service ImageEditorInterfaces.IPlugIn.
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Try something like this:

    .FromAssemblyInDirectory(new AssemblyFilter("PlugInFolder"))
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WOW! It works great!!! – danyolgiax May 10 '11 at 18:19

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