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I'm trying to automate a task using Selenium-RC where the user doesn't have to be logged in. Here's the ideal scenario:

Running as a scheduled task and the user is not logged in. Selenium will start at a scheduled task, open IE and go about the script.

I'm not sure this is possible, but I need to simulate user interactions with IE without the user being logged in. what would be the best way to do this?


would I able to put Selenium on a virtual machine, have the virtual machine run as a scheduled task on a physical machine; so when the user is logged out the virtual machine can still be started, and selenium will run on the virtual machine.

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If you are using ant build, you could create a batch file to invoke the build. Now you could schedule the execution of batch.

I suppose you could same while using TestNG framework with java. So you create a batch file for executing test using testng.xml and then have it scheduled.

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My problem is that I need Selenium or RFT to run while the computer is locked. I'm not sure if a virtual machine. have a batch process start up VMware to turn on the virtual machine, and have selenium run on the VM. – ajoe May 11 '11 at 12:41
Selenium execution using a batch file should not be an issue when your computer is locked. – Tarun May 11 '11 at 13:04
I need to automate a task in IE (for example sending an email) using selenium. Will I able to do this while the computer is Locked/notLoggedIn? – ajoe May 11 '11 at 14:08
yes you would be – Tarun May 11 '11 at 14:56

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