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By default, Flex uses signed .swz files to hold the Flex Framework classes. I noticed that under Adobe Flash Builder 4 > sdks > [version] > frameworks > locale > [locale] there are multiple languages supported.

en_US en_GB zh_CN etc etc

The files in these directories vary in that they contain a "_rb.swc" at the end of each file. Files include datavisualization_rb.swc, spark_rb.swc, framework_rb.swc, etc etc. These are different from the rsls signed framework resources stored as .swz in framework .rsls. Since localized signed versions of the framework don't appear to be available, can I use these locale > [LOCALE] .swc versions instead as RUNTIME SHARED RESOURCES?

I DON'T want to compile different versions of my app for each locale, rather want to link the localized framework resource libraries at runtime. It would be nice to have the contents of the sdks > [VERSION] > frameworks > locale directory copied into my bin-debug/bin-release folder when I build my app.

Is this possible? How would I set this up in Flash Builder 4?

My assumption (I know about assumptions) is that there is a way to set up the Flex Build Path or supply compiler options that would cause all of the locales stored in the locales > [LOCALE] folder to be included into the bin-debug/bin-release of the project.


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You just need to use ResourceManager to do it on runtime, it's easy enough.

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