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I am using this article as a guide to call into a MonoTouch library from within an Objective-C application. We have an existing iPhone application and an existing c# library which we need to bring together. We have considered re-writing the iPhone app (Objective-C) in MonoTouch, but we do not have the time right now. We need a way to use our MonoTouch library from the iPhone/Objective-C app.

My problem is, the Xcode project generated by calling mtouch cannot be compiled. It cannot find the mono header files and the .s files referenced by the project are not found because they are instead named with a .6.s extension. Am I running mtouch incorrectly? If not, how can I tell the Xcode project where the mono header files are located so it can compile? Also, how can I set up the Objective-C code to call my MonoTouch library (the main.m file has some clues, but it does not appear to be straight-forward)?

Here are the type of errors:

error: mono/jit/jit.h: No such file or directory

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I resolved the no such file or directory errors by adding a path to the header files in the project properties, but I am still seeing an endless list of errors during compilation. – Doanair May 16 '11 at 21:13

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