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I got NServiceBus logging working correctly following the directions found here: http://nservicebus.com/Logging.aspx

However, I am using Common.Logging. If I use the LogManager for Common.Logging, it doesn't log.

If I use the LogManager for log4net, everything works just fine.

Anyone have any insight here?

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I figured this out. I needed to programatically set up Common.Logging instead of declaratively (in the config file).

Basically, I added this line before I did my fluent bus configuration:

    LogManager.Adapter = new Log4NetLoggerFactoryAdapter(new NameValueCollection { { "configType", "INLINE" } });

And my bus logging section looks like this:

.Log4Net<ColoredConsoleAppender>(cca =>
                                                    cca.Layout = patternLayout;
.Log4Net<RollingFileAppender>(fa =>
                                                fa.File = "log/handler.log";
                                                fa.AppendToFile = true;
                                                fa.RollingStyle = RollingFileAppender.RollingMode.Size;
                                                fa.MaxSizeRollBackups = 5;
                                                fa.MaximumFileSize = "1000KB";
                                                fa.StaticLogFileName = true;
                                                fa.Layout = patternLayout;

This allows me to load the logging levels in the config file, but leave the appender configuration in code as suggested by Udi (and I think it's a great idea)

I know I could of used the built in logging level of nServiceBus, but I couldn't figure out how to get fine grained control of that so that I could ignore nHibernate logging, but get all of the nServiceBus logging.

If anyone needs more guidance as to what I did, just comment here, or if you know how to get fine grained control using the nServiceBus logging level, let me know that too.

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Common.Logging serves as an abstraction from log4net for the internal purposes of NServiceBus.

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Right, I noticed in your blog you guys are using Common.Logging internally. I'm also using it in my project. Is there any way I can get the two lined up so I can use Common.Logging inside Handlers and I see the actual log messages in my log file when using Common.Logging? –  CubanX May 11 '11 at 12:25
You'd have to use the core-only binaries and reference the same DLL as that which comes with NServiceBus. –  Udi Dahan May 13 '11 at 19:03

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