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I would like to know how can we define new gesture and new gesture recognizer classes like QPinchGesture and QPanGesture already defined in Qt as examples. I have gone through the samples and I am not able to understand the proper flow. Please provide sample code if possible.(Apart from classes already defined in Qt)

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Did you see this presentation: qt.nokia.com/developer/learning/online/talks/archive/… It comes with an example. This, combined with the standard examples should help you along –  Bart May 10 '11 at 20:04
@Bart The link you posted is dead. Do you happen to know of a backup link? –  IInspectable Jun 5 at 16:06
Unfortunately I don't @IInspectable. There seems to be some poorly cached content if you search, but the actual presentation has not made the qt-project transfer it seems. –  Bart Jun 5 at 16:45
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