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What is the difference between "Flush Magento Cache" and "Flush Cache Storage" in magento's cache management?

enter image description here

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Sometimes the cache location (like "/tmp/") or service (like Memcache) is shared with other applications. "Flush Magento Cache" removes only those entries that Magento reliably tracks as it's own. "Flush Cache Storage" clears everything but might affect other applications if they're using it.

Normally the location is "var/cache/" in Magento's folder so is not shared after all. It is safe to use either button. Sometimes (rarely) entries are not clearly tagged or Magento loses track of them and only the second button has an effect on them. I tend to use the second button when I'm having difficulty tracking down the cause of a problem.

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Thanks! I've always wondered what the heck "may contain another data" meant. – Nicholas Piasecki May 10 '11 at 20:07
I've gotten into the habit of using the nuclear option and use "Flush Cache Storage". If that doesn't do it then navigating to var/cache and nuking all the mage--? directories does the trick. – Fiasco Labs May 10 '11 at 20:58
@Nicholas if your memcache/apc instance is used by other applications as well they will get flushed too – Anton S May 10 '11 at 21:10
@Fiasco - Since either flush button loads the page again another request is made to Magento which immediately starts making new mage--* directories. Manually deleting the same must be the ultimate since it doesn't cause new cache entries. MageTool has a clear cache command for this purpose. – clockworkgeek May 10 '11 at 21:23
How can it affect other applications ?? Each site on server has its own folders in their own directory. This is not clear, sorry – Pratik C Joshi Aug 5 '15 at 8:04

Flush Magento Cache

Removes all items in the default Magento cache (var/cache) and the var/full_page cache that have a Magento tag

Flush Cache Storage

Removes all items in the cache. This is the equivalent of deleting the entire contents of the cache folder on the server.If your system uses an alternate cache location, any cached files used by other applications will be removed.

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As a practical example, if you use magento's cache for your own devices, eg;

$cache = Mage::app()->getCache();
$cache->save("My cached text","cache_name",array("my_cache"),60*60*24);
echo $cache->load("cache_name");

You will need to use flush cache storage to clear this if you make an update.

In my case it's for a dynamically generated 3 level off canvas menu.

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