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i have a file filled with this text:

class Baz
  void Test()


  int Sum (int)


and i want to create another buffer from that text like following:

interface IBaz
  void Test();
  int Sum (int);

how can i do that edit in vim. Any plugin or some strokes on keyboard

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If your file follows the exact pattern you posted, you can solve this with 4 commands:

:%s/^class\s*/interface I
  1. Change class to interface I
  2. Delete indented blocks
  3. Remove blank lines
  4. Add ; after ending )

If you need to use that in more than one file (though I recommend this even if you're going to use it once) copy and paste this text to a buffer then write it on a file, say /tmp/cs. Then, while focused on the buffer you want to change, run :so /tmp/cs.

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