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I'm trying to open a file and pass to struct, I'm using fscanf() with a loop, but it only saves one the struct the last read:

Imagine a file:

JR John Rambo 24353432 
JL John Lennon 6435463

I'm using this code:

typedef struct people{
    char code[10];
    char name[100];
    long telephone;

int read(PEOPLE people[], int n_p){
    char temp;
    FILE *fp;
        return -1;
        fscanf(fp,"%s %s %s %d\n", people[n_p].code,people[n_p].name,

The Problem is that he only saves the last line of the file...Should I do a if cicle??

Another question is how can I separate a similar file but with ";"

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n_p doesn't change, maybe you forgot to increment it? – Thomas May 10 '11 at 21:11

First of all, you are scanning for 3 strings (%s) and one int (%d) when you pass only 3 parameters in your fscanf(). You could add a char first_name[50]; in your struct and then do:

fscanf(fp,"%s %s %s %d\n", people[n_p].code,people[n_p].first_name,
         people[n_p].name, &people[n_p].telephone);

You always fscanf() the file until you have nothing more to read (due to the !feof(fp) because of the while. So in the last people[n_p] variable the last line of the file will be saved.

You could remove the while from read() and also add the FILE * as a parameter to the function so that you don't open the file each time you call read().

Something like this maybe:

   FILE* fp = fopen("example.txt", "r");
   int i = 0;

   while (!feof(fp)) {
       read(people, i, fp);

int read(PEOPLE people[], int n_p, FILE* fp){
   char temp;

       return -1;
   fscanf(fp,"%s %s %s %d\n", people[n_p].code,people[n_p].first_name, 
         people[n_p].name, &people[n_p].telephone);


For using the ; as a separator you can change fscanf() to this:

 fscanf(fp, "%[^;]; %[^;]; %d\n", people[n_p].code,people[n_p].name,

EDIT I wrote the above code which can be found here and it works fine with this example.txt file as input.

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If i don't loop with the while he only saves the first...Thanks – P3druh77 May 10 '11 at 21:23
@P3druh77 As you see I loop inside the main() function. Did you do that? Also what' the n_p size? Could you show us the rest of your code? – foobar May 10 '11 at 21:27

It looks like you're not changing the n_p variable. You need some sort of variable to keep track of which index of the people[] array you're updating.

Additionally, hopefully you've got a large enough people array to hold all the entries in the file.

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i know the problem is the index, but i already try to do if, but is the same; – P3druh77 May 10 '11 at 21:28
@P3druh77: Which tells us nothing. If thedaian's suggestions don't help, you need to tell us what you tried and what happened. – David Thornley May 10 '11 at 21:32
@P3druh77 What I'm saying is you need to do something with n_p. equality's answer has some code that should help. – thedaian May 10 '11 at 21:42

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