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I'm using three images side-by-side, and adding a Url.Action to each one of them. The code works fine, but the images are being displayed w/ some sort of line between them. Here is my code:

<a href="@Url.Action("Subcribe", new { id = item.ID })">
    <img src="images\subscribe.png" style="border:0" alt="Subscribe" />
<a href="@Url.Action("Edit", new { id = item.ID })">
    <img src="images\edit.png" style="border:0" alt="Edit" />
<a href="@Url.Action("Delete", new { id = item.ID })">
    <img src="images\delete.png" style="border:0" alt="Delete" />

Edit - This is also happening when I tried an alternate, non-Url.Action method:

<a href="Subcribe\@item.ID">
    <img src="images\subscribe.png" style="border:0" alt="Subscribe" />

Here is how the images are displaying:


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Presumably you've tried outline: none; text-decoration: none;? –  David Thomas May 10 '11 at 22:07
Yeah, I tried text-decoration and border-style, in addition to border:0. I hadn't tried outline, but the answer below worked (removing the line-breaks). –  WEFX May 10 '11 at 22:10

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Try to put each image in one line:

<a href="@Url.Action("Subcribe", new { id = item.ID })"><img src="images\subscribe.png" style="border:0" alt="Subscribe" /></a>

It seems to be the underline of an space in your link. You can also add 'text-decoration: none;' in the style of those links.

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Wow, thanks @morgar. I've been trying all sorts of style changes (text-decoration, border-style, etc), but nothing has worked. Your extremely simple solution worked. Thanks again. –  WEFX May 10 '11 at 22:09
That's great. The problem is browsers convert carriage returns to spaces, so they were added to your links. –  morgar May 10 '11 at 22:18

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