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I have a validate method which seems pretty simple because I use something very similar when using the format mm/dd/yy, but when I use mm/y...I keep getting an invalid date.

Here is my validation:

function validateDate(dateField) {
        $.datepicker.parseDate('mm/y', dateField, null);

If I pass in a date like 05/11...this logic complains that the date is invalid. If I change the format to mm/dd/yy and enter 05/11/2011...then it says it is valid.

Am I missing something when trying to validate a mm/y pattern?

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Unfortunately, you need to supply at least a month and day for the datepicker to parse your date properly. If you leave the year out, it defaults to the current year, so parsing "06/15" as "dd/mm" will give you 2011-06-15. But if either month or day are omitted, they default to -1 and will produce an invalid date.


If you are just trying to confirm that the user entered a valid month and year, do this:

$.datepicker.parseDate('dd/mm/y', "01/" + dateField, null);
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Thank you very much...I took your code and it worked like a charm. –  Jay Blanton May 10 '11 at 21:56

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