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I have worker roles that send out multicast messages using the azure service bus. Two of the consumers of these messages are websites hosted on Azure. I know that there are issues hosting service bus WCF endpoints in IIS even when running on premise. I've followed the Microsoft's advice and configured a service host programmatically.

One of the websites has been using this technique successfully for quite a while. It uses the hosted web core (it was developed before full IIS was an option on Azure) and it initialises the service host as part of the RoleEntryPoint.OnRun(). I'm trying to move this site to using full IIS. Because in full IIS the RoleEntryPoint runs in a different process to the site itself and the service host needs access to some static variables in the site I've moved the initialisation of the service host to the Global.asax Application_OnStart. This code works fine when running as a website under IIS locally and it runs fine when running in the compute emulator, but once I deploy it to the cloud my WCF host never seems to receive any messages. I haven't been able to catch any errors that are occurring.

Has anyone else out there successfully deployed something like this?

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Without any information from traces/errorlogs it's difficult to help... When the consumers try to connect to the WCF services they will throw exceptions with further info.. why don't start there with the investigation... – David May 11 '11 at 19:38
This is what's killing me, I haven't been able to catch any errors. I might need a different plan of attack. – knightpfhor May 11 '11 at 21:04

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