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I have the following jQuery ajax call:

executeAllAjaxCalls:function() {
    if (WALMART.jQuery.ajaxCalls.length) {
        var dataPassed = "ajaxCalls="+WALMART.jQuery.ajaxCalls;        

            url: WALMART.jQuery.ajaxFrameworkUrl                     
            , data: dataPassed
            , dataType: WALMART.jQuery.jsonResponseType   
            , type: 'POST'   
            , success: WALMART.jQuery.AjaxObject_Consolidated.processConsolidatedData

The data coming back in the function call upon success is undefined.

Here is the function called upon success of the ajax call:

processConsolidatedData:function(result) {
    var responseData = eval('(' + result.responseText + ')');
    if (typeof responseData !== '') {
        for (resp in responseData) {

Why is the response null or undefined when the struts action at the backend c:out a valid JSON object. Any tips or pointers appreciated as I am very new to jQuery.

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I think there is an error in your code...

    for (resp in responseData) {

I think you ment:

    for (resp in responseData) {

I would also use jQuery.parseJSON instead of 'eval', unless necessary.

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