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After converting my canvas to a an image source using


and passing it to a php file, how do I save it as a .png image on the server?

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I ended up using file_put_contents('test.png', base64_decode(substr($data, strpos($data, ",")+1))); – QuinnBaetz May 11 '11 at 1:16
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It's actually very simple, if you have allow-url-fopen enabled. PHP supports the data: URL scheme then, and automatically decodes base64 and urlencoding.

preg_match('#^data:[\w/]+(;[\w=]+)*,[\w+/=%]+$#', $data=$_POST["dataU"])
copy($data, "output.png");

But you could also just extract the part after the , and manually base64_decode() it.

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