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I have a POM-based Java project. It contains a number of servlets for deployment in a WAR. However, in addition to this, I also have classes that launch the application as a standalone using embedded servlet and database environments (for a turnkey development environment). Additionally, there is also a command-line client for the application.

I would like to have the ability to build the project into both the WAR and two separate executable JARS (one server, one client). I'm not concerned about the JARs/WAR containing some unnecessary code or deps- I just want all 3 to work.

What's the "correct" way to do this with Maven?

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Multiple projects is the way to do this. Put the common code in the first project along with the standalone support. Then make a second with war packaging that depends on the first.

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You could use assembly plugin to do this. Assembly plugin can package zip or tar.gz archive for you. It's a perfect distribution format for standalone applications. When you configure assembly plugin you could link it to package phase, so application will be packaged in two formats: war and zip.

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