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I'm trying to break up the date and add a single number to the day, month and year

date = input('Please enter the date (DD/MM/YYYY):','s')

tokens = regexp(sprintf(date),'/','split')
daymonthyear = str2num(tokens)
test = daymonthyear + 1
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As the error message indicates, str2num expects strings, not a cell array of strings. There are two ways to solve the issue. Either, you can use str2double, or cellfun combined with str2num.

Solution 1

daymonthyear = str2double(tokens)

Solution 2

daymonthyear = cellfun(@str2num,tokens)
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Jonas already addressed the specific error you were getting, but I thought you may be interested in a simpler approach that uses SSCANF instead of REGEXP:

date = input('Please enter the date (DD/MM/YYYY):','s');
daymonthyear = sscanf(date,'%d/%d/%d',[1 3]);
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You can't do it using addtodate?

i = input('Please enter the date (DD/MM/YYYY):','s')
date = datenum(i, 'dd/mm/yyyy')
date = addtodate(date, 1, 'year')
date = addtodate(date, 1, 'month')
date = addtodate(date, 1, 'day')
tokens = regexp(datestr(date, 'dd/mm/yyyy'),'/','split')
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You should prefix your comment with a %, else MATLAB will return an error. Most probably you already knew this and used // for SO's comment highlighting to work (which doesn't recognize %). In that case, I'd suggest using %# or %//, which will then show the comment in grey. – abcd May 11 '11 at 2:25
@yoda: No worries. I removed it anyway because I changed my mind. Thanks for the tip! +1 – darvids0n May 11 '11 at 2:27

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