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I'm hoping that someone here has worked with UPC/Coupon barcodes before. Part of every UPC/Coupon barcode is a manufacturer code. I need to database every manufacturer code. Does anyone have any idea where to find a database of these manufacturer codes?

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This seems like the wrong place for this question, though I'm not sure of the right one... – Cory Nelson Jul 26 '13 at 5:14

A quick Google search for "upc database" turned up several different ones. Sadly, you are probably not going to find a definitive database. Some stores use their own UPCs internally, and then you also have the abbreviated UPCs as well (look at a can of Pepsi to see what I mean).

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See which has a very similar question. Among the options listed in that thread The Product Open Data project looks to be the most promising. There you can download their entire catalogue database, and that database has a column of all the Global Company Prefixes (GCPs) they have captured.

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Here are a few resources I found:

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If you are in the U.S. (I am assuming), you can use this site to search by GTIN, which (in the U.S.) is the same as a 12-digit UPC code (from a barcode scan) with the digits "00" prefixing the UPC, making it a total of 14 digits and GTIN-14 compliant. To see an example, use "00028000133177" for a test search.

That search will give you the GLN for the manufacturer.

I've found the wikipedia's explaination of UPCs to also be very helpful.

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Use . They let you use their api for FREE. It is the largest free database available

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