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I found preg_split and explode functions in php for breaking space seperated string into words. its quite useful too. but the next step i would like to work is remove the duplicate words and [",","." and few other punctuation marks ] too...

like if
"I love nepal. Nepal is a landlocked country. Nepal is in Asia."

I would like to get only unique words in the sentance like:
I, love, nepal, is, a, landlocked, country, in, Asia

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Thnx its the stuff i love... –  KoolKabin May 11 '11 at 4:06

This should just about get the job done:

$string = "I love nepal. Nepal is a landlocked country. Nepal is in Asia.";
$string = preg_replace( "/[^\w\s]/", "", $string );

$words = array();
foreach ( explode( " ", $string ) AS $word ) {
    $word = strtolower($word);
    $words[$word] = 1;

$unique_words = array_keys( $words );
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