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I have 2 table. In first table I have a Foreign Key link to second table's primary key.

(second)Personel and (first)Istbl are my tables.

In personel table I have PersonelID , PersonelName, PersonelSurname.

In Istbl table I have IsID, PersonelID, xx, xx, xx, going like this.

I can't see PersonelID in EF Model Viewer. I also can't see it in code screen.

Is there any example for me?

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EF v1 hides foreign keys because it views them as persistence artifacts not important to the domain model. See here for a discussion.

EF v2, shipping with .NET 4, will include much better support for foreign keys in the model.

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You can get foreign key value with something like this

object foreignKey = istblObject.PersonelReference.EntityKey.EntityKeyValues[0].Value;
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Are you refreshing your datamodel? Have you created the model from the database, if so, try recreating it, if you have updated your database model.

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i can see it from second table Personel if i create new Personel Class but i cant see it in Istbl Class.I wanna give it a value while inserting data but intellisense is showing me Personel class not PersonelID property.So i cant add a value for it and my application giving me error –  Ozlem Balli Feb 27 '09 at 18:29

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