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Okay, in windows forms you can use .refresh() to cause a redraw event on an element. Is there a similar solution in WPF?

An explanation of what I'm doing, I'm drawing a maze on a canvas object, and would like to watch as the maze is drawn (so I can see progress) instead of waiting 28 min for a solution to suddenly appear. I am drawing blocks on the canvas with a series of Rectangles. Should the refresh be on the rectangle or the canvas?

Here is a recent output: http://imgur.com/ftFOv

I'd like a solution in c# if that is possible. Thanks.

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You probably want to use the Dispatcher object. I suggest you take a look a this article: Build More Responsive Apps With The Dispatcher

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This wasn't 100% the solution, but it started me in the right direction. This is ultimately what worked: canvas.Dispatcher.Invoke(emptyDelegate, DispatcherPriority.Render); where emptyDelegate is Action emptyDelegate = delegate { }; –  ohmusama May 11 '11 at 15:36

This is what you are looking for...

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this work for me...

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