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I would like to launch a URL from the iOS Settings Bundle that would at least launch Safari when they Touched the setting.

Not sure if this is possible I couldn't find any examples of this in the Settings area with Apple or 3rd party apps. If it is not I would appreciate confirmation for this.

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You can't. Current Settings.bundle is able to only display or change values. Better check Apple docs Settings Application Schema Reference and the few available element types. Sorry.

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The Twitter Preferences show up with a link "Learn More about Twitter" to navigate to (Safari). I could not figure out how they did it but it seems to be possible.

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I am not sure if that is possible. This previous SO question Display iphone application settings within your application says something about using them within the app. See if it helps. Another SO question that can be of use Programmatically opening the settings app (iPhone)

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Yeah I read those before posting they are not related to what I want to do. Using a URL from within your own App is easy and how to launch the settings and other apps. However I want to launch a URL from the Settings Bundle but couldn't see any of the limited functionality it provided that would do that. I am pretty sure it can't be done with the current iOS version. Thanks though. – Rodney Foley May 11 '11 at 5:08
You wouldn't want people to people to access your app to do their custom actions. Would you? I guess the same goes for Apple too.. So i guess its not possible. Do let me know if you come across something on this. – 7KV7 May 11 '11 at 5:11

I was searching for the same UI experience "a button in the settings page" to allow the user to reset some settings, I found this .

As others said it's not possible to do in apples, so the solution in to implement an in-app settings page, this open source project seems to make it easy. I'll update after I implement.

(I have no connection to this project)

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