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I downloaded the STL source code from , but it only has the .h for the function declaration. Where can I download the .cpp files to read the actual implementation?

For example, in the stl_multimap.h or in stl_map.h, it has:

template <class _Key, class _Tp, class _Compare, class _Alloc>
inline void swap(multimap<_Key,_Tp,_Compare,_Alloc>& __x, 
                 multimap<_Key,_Tp,_Compare,_Alloc>& __y) {

I want to know the actual implementation of the swap as in


I don't see where the actual code for swap is. In here, it just calls itself.

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It's not calling itself in there, contrary to your last statement. – GManNickG May 11 '11 at 6:10
Why do you want to download this source code at all? Your C++ standard library comes with the only version of the STL that really matters today. – jalf May 11 '11 at 9:31
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The .h files contains the implementations. Many of the headers on that page are just wrappers around other headers or provide typedefs, but if you look at a file like stl_set.h, you will see that it has all the definitions of functions for the set class.

Even the page itself states that it is a header-only library, which means that the implementations are included in the headers.

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Based on yours and the others' answers, I guess the implementation is compiler specific. I think I should find the implementation in g++ compiler, maybe. – Amumu May 11 '11 at 5:25
@Amumu: You are misunderstanding. The implementation is in the .h file. There isn't some set of compiler-specific .cpp files or something that contains the implementation. The whole implementation is in the header files. All of it. You need nothing else. – Omnifarious May 11 '11 at 5:30

The implementation of C++ library vary on different compiler/system. If you are using GCC/G++ as your compiler, here you can download the source code from .

Or you can anonymously checkout the source code here: svn checkout svn:// libstdc++

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STL is a template library. I hope you will find the implementation in header files only.

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The isn't anything else. Note that the page says:

This distribution of the STL consists entirely of header files: there is no need to link to any library files

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The implementations are all in header files. You have to do that with templates. :-/

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Well I can't find some implementation, such as for the swap function in map and multimap. – Amumu May 11 '11 at 5:44

You can find implementation for swap in std_algobase.h.

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The SGI STL file names all start with "stl_".

For example, the SGI version vector's implemetation is in file stl_vector.h.

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