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I'd just like to ask if there are plans to provide a built-in handwriting IME for Japanese Kanji. And perhaps for Traditional and Simplified Chinese as well.

The reason I ask is because is the only thing thing that I seem to miss from the iPhone. It's really convenient to be able to naturally input the said characters on the phone and I've still yet to find a good enough input method.

Thanks in advance.

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The add-on IME MultiLing Keyboard provides a Chinese/Japanese handwriting input plugin.

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I tried MultiLing Keyboard with the Plugin Japanese 日本語 AND Plugin HanWriting (You need all three to make it work). This does the job, for a free app. However, I find it too complicated and lacking functionality. Also, the hand recognition is not too forgiving.

Yesterday I found this app that does what you want. This one is AMAZING. It is simple and it really works great: 7notes with mazec (Japanese) They do have a free 10-day trial version available.

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I've not found anything as good as the iOS Chinese IME, but I have had some success with the program Kanji Yomi Lite - this allows you to read kanji from photos (which didn't work for me), or draw on a blank canvas and OCR it (which works fairly well).

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Thanks Gavin. But I was actually pertaining to Android. :) I use the Chinese IME for iOS as well. :) –  raistdejesus May 19 '11 at 4:11
Oops - should have checked the tags.. I have updated the answer. –  Gavin Brock May 19 '11 at 11:53

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