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I am using rich:editor to create the content in my application. I am storing the content data in a string property in backend bean and persisting it into database using hibernate. The problem is whenever i am applying any formatting style it is alos coming up with the content and stored into database. i want to save the data in html formate and view it again in rich:modalpanel. please help.

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eg. You can use

  h:outputText value="#{question.qText}" escape="false" 

The value="#{question.qText}" is text stored as html :). and escape="false" does the rest.

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Hi Sugandha..my content is saving in database like this: [color=#ff0000][b]content[/b][/color] if i am writing "content" in text editor and applying some style on that text.after using escape at the time of displaying i didn't get the desired result.i want that my datab will be saved in html format after applying style to text but this is not happening. –  user12345 May 12 '11 at 8:35
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Hey this is my code for test case :                                

rich:editor id="editor" width="525" height="260" value="#{bean.qText}" theme="advanced" rich:editor

and the result is

Science is ........................... .

for science red bold

:: possibly you are using seam

useSeamText="true" This link might be helpful

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