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I am making Titanium mobile project where I want to make one global function which I can use throughout the application. For that I have created other .JS file where I have defined the function and I am including that .JS file where I need to use this function and I am successfully able to call the function.

But My question is :

Can I create new Window in that function? As I have added one Label and one MapView in that window but it is not showing, while at the start of function I have added alert('FunctionCalled'), it is showing me alert but not showing me the label I have added in the window.

So anybody can help me to find out whether we can open window through function. If yes then any sample example, so that I can find out what mistake I am making.


Rakesh Gondaliya

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please show as much relevant code as possible. – bh88 May 11 '11 at 14:58
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you approach CAN work but is not a best practice, you should create a global namespace, add the function to that namespace and then only include the file with the function once in app.js

// apps.js
var myApp = {};


then we create a seperate file for our ui functions


var ui = {};

ui.openMainWindow = function() {
    // do open window stuff

    // call global function;

myApp.ui = ui;

here is where we create our global functions, we will not have to include the file everywhere since we are adding it to our global namespace


var global = {};

global.globalFunction1 = function() {
    // do super global stuff
} = global;

this is a simple outline of how it can be implemented, I have a complete code listing on my blog

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Yes you can create a new window or add a label or anything else. If you wanted to add a label to the current window then you would do:

var helloWorld = Ti.UI.createLabel({ text: "Hello World", height: "auto", width: 200 });

It won't matter where the code is executing because Ti.UI.currentWindow will be the active window regardless.

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