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Has anyone tried codendi, Redmine, Retrospectiva and trac ? or anyone is able to make some comparison between the four? whichone better related:

  • performance
  • easy to use
  • installation
  • and others

and which better Operating System to implement each of those application ?

many thanks :)

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I haven't tried coded or Retrospectiva but I've used both redmine and trac, and in my opinion, redmine is better because:

  • Easier installation for multiple projects
  • Out of the box support for git and mercurial
  • support for remote repositories
  • support for LDAP authentication
  • built in web based administration
  • many good plugins available
  • and a better looking default theme if you care about that

Initially I was more familiar with python than ruby, so I tended towards trac the first time. But redmine is much more powerful, with more features out of the box, and with a greater community of plugins available.

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I also didn't tried codendi as well as Retrospectiva, but I've used Trac and Redmine, for long. I would favor Trac over Redmine. A more detailed comparison is given here: Trac vs. Redmine

Condendi project pages is saying 100% Open Source, but its not inside of offical Debian / Ubuntu repositories. So either they didn't have packaged it or there are license/legal issues with their interpretation of Open Source to the Debian Open Source style. Its hard tell. Also Retrospectiva is not inside the Debian and Ubuntu Repositories. So I would not even try them.

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