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I have installed netbeans6.9.1 with java,c++ and php on windows 7. When i tried to run a test php code, the browser cant find the localhost. Pleas help me to get rid of this issue. do i need to install anything else? or to configure anything?

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Think you might need an apache server running on your machine. Can you open ? –  MeLight May 11 '11 at 6:40
Netbeans creates its own localhost at port 8383. Installing apache is something different. Question is just; for me too netbeas localhost:8383 is not working which used to work till few days ago. Can anyone explain how to fix –  XIMRX Jun 19 at 6:57

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You need to install Apache,PHP on your machine . Easiest way to do so is to download : Xampp

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