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please guide me how to hide my custom data in image. i want to generate a image and hide my custom data in image and read back that data from image later. please need idea how to do it.

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It's called steganography. I think you should put in some more effort into this and then come back with a real programming question. –  Jonas Elfström May 11 '11 at 6:42
How "hidden" should the data be, how much data do you have, how should the image look like, like a photo, or would a QR code be enough? –  Albin Sunnanbo May 11 '11 at 6:44

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This should help: Image Metadata

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You could read the format of bitmap image file, open bmp file, identify where the data starts and in the data portion put your data such that each character represents a pixel in image. I am talking about bmp image because its uncompressed format and easy to read.

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