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According to a temporary table (Table Schema and data), how can i create a physical table and insert returned records to it?

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I think you need to give us a bit more information about what you are trying to do. Thanks – David Steele May 11 '11 at 7:12
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in the below sample code , i am retriving columns from the temp table using the case condition..
in the step 2 we are checking for any column has been selected from the case statement.. in the step 3 we are selecting only the columns which have been retrieved from the above case stmnt.. in the step 4 we are creating the physical table with the columns names which have selected above and then inserting into it.. atlast drop both the tables

i hope this would help you


  SELECT @dynsql =    
            CASE WHEN columnname1 >0 THEN ',columnname' ELSE '' END +                       
            CASE WHEN columnname2 >0 THEN ',columnname2' ELSE '' END +           
            CASE WHEN columnnamen >0 THEN ',columnnamen ' ELSE '' END                 
  FROM ##temptble     
  WHERE  condition  =  cond;

step 2:

  IF(LEN(@dynsql) > 0)     

step 3:

   SET @dynsql = STUFF(@dynsql,1,1,'SELECT machinename, ') + ' FROM ##temptble'       
  decalre f nvarchar(max)

step 4:

  set @f = STUFF(@dyncreate,1,6,'create table ven_temp( descriptionname nvarchar(111),' )  + '   int )'   
  insert into ven_temp    
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