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I'm running a rails app and PHP at my SliceHost Ubuntu Hardy Heron vps server. I've a PdfProcess.exe module built upon ASP.NET (.NET 2). I've one PHP file which uses a passthru("PdfProcess.exe ......") function which loads a pdf template and outputs a new processed pdf file and sent to browser. The combination of PdfProcess.exe and PHP passthru(...) function works on my Windows Apache/PHP server in my development system. Now I got to use this in my Ubuntu Hardy. I googled on how to run a .NET app using Mono in Ubuntu and I found Mono. And I've been trying to install Mono 2.0.1, 2.2 since 2 days, still figuring out the installation error and I'm getting no-where. So, before spending anymore time on it I want to know what are the things to install to make work the PHP passthru(...) function and PdfProcess.exe work together?? Only installing Mono will work or do I have to install XSP and MCS as well?? And which version of Mono is required to run this PdfProcess.exe .NET 2 based module??

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First, you should use Moma to check if you PdfProcess.exe can run without a problem on Mono.


Second, install Mono on Ubuntu is hard. There is no official support yet. You may try other Linux distribution.

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Are you running Apache? most probably.

You need to install and configure mod_mono to run Asp.net applications.

On Mono project site you can find details instructions to configure mod_mono

I suggest you to look in repo(Add/remove program ) for mono, but there will be older version.

Is PdfProcess.exe is .net application? if yes than First check it with MoMa

If PdfProcess.exe is not .net application than you have find replacement of it.

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