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I want to deploy my ASP.NET MVC site. I have next script.

<Import Project="..\MyProjName\MyProjName.csproj"/>


<Target Name="Build">
    <MSBuild Projects="..\MySlnName.sln"
             Properties="Configuration=Release;Platform=Any CPU;OutputPath=$(BinDir)" />
    <Copy SourceFiles="@(Content->'..\MyProjName\%(RelativeDir)%(FileName)%(Extension)')"
           DestinationFiles="@(Content->'$(NewInstallDir)%(RelativeDir)%(FileName)%(Extension)')" />
    <Copy SourceFiles="@(None->'..\MyProjName\%(RelativeDir)%(FileName)%(Extension)')"
          DestinationFiles="@(None->'$(NewInstallDir)%(RelativeDir)%(FileName)%(Extension)')" />
    <MakeDir Directories="@(Folder->'$(NewInstallDir)%(RelativeDir)')" />

Main idea.
I copy binary to C:\DeployFolder (take structure of folder from sources)
I build my dll to C:\DeployFolder\Bin (I don't have this folder in sources folder so I need separately copy this).
I run my script - all works instead of copy dll's to OutputPath.
Same scripts works for other asp.net mvc project.
No idea what wrong in this case.
I complete this issue with workaround but I want to know what wrong with this script.

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The first thing I'd try is to replace your use of the deprecated $(OutputPath) with $(OutDir). From when I've seen this error, 9 times out of 10 it is due to a mismatch between the Platform/Configuration requested and how a particular project is actually defined. Take care to keep track of the discrepency between "Any CPU" (with a space) preferred by solution files and "AnyCPU" actually used inside project files for $(Platform). Some project wizards only set up an "x86" Platform or otherwise omit "AnyCPU" which can cause the OutputPath to be empty.

Beyond that, the approach of importing a project file and then building a solution (presumbably that includes the very same project" is a bit off center. Consider making the deployment changes you desire within the project file itself, through an import. You can either wire into the existing build targets at the right place, or perhaps add an additional target.

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Thanks! OutDir helps in the my case. –  RredCat May 31 '11 at 16:15

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