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How do I display an Outlook message file using Delphi 2010? Is there a way to wrap an Outlook app and open it within Delphi?

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TOutlookApplication ? It exists in D2007 and in Delphi XE. I assume it exists in D2010 too.

As an alternative you can import the Outlook Object Library through the Component->Import component... menu option.

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I imported the Outlook Object Library. Can you please give me a short example on how to load a msg file and extract the html part of msg? Thanks –  user645976 May 11 '11 at 8:21
Here is a "similar" question and a good starting point: stackoverflow.com/questions/5022532/… It is quite difficult, to "answer" the complete OLE-Interface to Outlook... –  Andreas May 11 '11 at 8:33

Use something like the following:

var App : OutlookApplication;
    NS : _Namespace;
    Msg : _MailItem;
  App := CreateOleObject('Outlook.Application');
  NS := App.GetNamespace('MAPI');
  Msg := NS.OpenSharedItem('c:\temp\test.msg');

You can also use Redemption and its RDOSession.GetMessageFromMsgFile method.

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