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I'm new to Facebook api so my apologies this will be very basic.

How do I find the access token, session key, sig, and uid? Also, when you refer to 'secret' does that mean the api's secret key?

Thank you

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In your html page, include the following code

FB.init({ appId : 'YourAppId', status : true, cookie : true, xfbml : true });

Once you add this code. Facebook sets a cookie on you domain. The name of the cookie would be fbs_YourAppId .

You can read the cookie and get the access token, session key, sig, and uid.

Alternately you can use a method provided by the Facebook Api Connect.js file to get the feed if the user is logged in.

FB.Api(). Please refer to to know more about the method.

do not forget to add facebook connect.js file

secret and the app secret are different.

Hope this info helps.

Happy coding :)

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Hi Karthik, thank you so much for this. Would this the same for the Open Graph for Flash IDK? Again, I apologies for how basic the question is, I'm such a newbie but very keen to get into this. Thanks again. – muudles May 12 '11 at 0:41

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