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How I use Zend_Http_Cookie to set and read cookies?

I trie to set cookie like this:

$cookie = new Zend_Http_Cookie('TestCookie','TestValue','localhost.com') but no cookie is generated. Also how I read cookies with Zend?


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Zend_Http_Cookie is a class used for client code (i.e., when writing something that makes a request to another server) - so, no, it won't send a cookie to your browser. –  HorusKol Oct 7 '12 at 6:48
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As far as i know is there not "setCookie" Class in Zend Framework. Simply use "plain" php:

setcookie('cookieName', 'value', 'lifetime', 'path', 'domain');

To read an cookie, you can use Zend_Controller_Request_Http(); as Example:

  $request = new Zend_Controller_Request_Http();
  $myCookie = $request->getCookie('cookieName');
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Looking at the docs for Cookie and remembering from past experience there isn't a way of telling a cookie object to be sent along with a Response.

I suggest just using setcookie().

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For Zend 1.12, there is a way to set cookies for the response object.

The link to the portion in the manual is included below. I've also attached their examples in case the page ever disappears.


$this->getResponse()->setRawHeader(new Zend_Http_Header_SetCookie(
    'foo', 'bar', NULL, '/', 'example.com', false, true


$cookie = new Zend_Http_Header_SetCookie();

It is important to use Zend's objects and classes so that you don't run into issues when creating Tests ;)

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I was using this method for ages as it seemed to be the way, but I just found out that it is not possible to send multiple cookies this way. Only the last Set-Cookie Raw-Header will get sent to the client as the $replace parameter of the header() call inside Zend_Controller_Response_Abstract->sendHeaders() is never set to false with a default of true. Do not use this method with multiple cookies! –  Karsten Mar 7 at 8:18
This looks good for ZF 1.12.x: $this->getResponse()->setHeader('Set-Cookie', $cookie->getFieldValue(), false); –  Karsten Mar 7 at 8:33
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