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I know how to contribute to tool bar or menu in my perspective, but is there any way I can remove some of the defaulted options?. For instance, in the 'New' tool bar defaulted options I always see the options 'Project...', 'Examples...' and 'Others...' that are programmatically contributed by the NewWizardsMenu. Is there a way, using extension points or code, to remove those entries from the menu while still being able to contribute with my own options?. Thanks for your help

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You can try using org.eclipse.ui.perspectiveExtensions extension point. hiddenMenuItem can be used to hide a menu item by ID, and worked to remove Java Projects from my File>New menu. But I couldn't see Projects or Other... (at least from the Customize Perspective... Dialog). You could try to hide the id "new" for "Other..." and I wasn't able to find the ID for "Project...". If you use the Plug-in Registry view, you might be able to find what contributes that wizard.

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