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I am a newbie in jQuery. I have a index.html page,

  <div id="content">

I would like the feature that when page loaded, "content" area shows a list:

<div id="my-list">
    <select id="carlist" size="10">

when user select a car from the list option, the list "my-list" disappear(hide), and an image will be shown in the "content" area.

That's hide the selection filed and show the image in the same "content" area.

How to do that in jQuery??

I tried:

var mylist=$('#my-list');

But, where to define "my-list" and the image are in the same "content" area? How to implement this all?

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var mylist=$('#carlist');
    var container = mylist.parent();
    container.append('<img src="x.jpg" />');
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mylist = $('#my-list');
    container = $('#content');
    container.html('<img ... />');

There are a number of ways, though, to show new content, with append() for example, in case you don't want to overwrite all the html code inside <div id="content" />, or using the functions toggle() or show() and hide() if the <img /> is already there. Also you will have to have in consideration knowing which option was selected inside the change()function and act accordingly.

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