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I subclass an NSView and start full screen mode when the application finished launching. The view is available as the property fooView in the application delegate.

// AppDelegate.m
- (void)applicationDidFinishLaunching:(NSNotification*)notification {
  [[self window] makeKeyAndOrderFront:self];
  [[self fooView] enterFullScreenMode:[NSScreen mainScreen] withOptions:nil];

The class FooView itself implements the following functions.

// FooView.m
- (void)keyDown:(NSEvent*)event {
  NSLog(@"%@ %@ - %@", self.className, NSStringFromSelector(_cmd), event);
  [self interpretKeyEvents:[NSArray arrayWithObject:event]];
- (void)cancelOperation:(id)sender {
  NSLog(@"%@ %@ - %@", self.className, NSStringFromSelector(_cmd), sender);
  [self exitFullScreenModeWithOptions:nil];

After leaving the fullscreen mode, the view no longer receives keyboard events. Why?

It seems to have something to do with how I exit the fullscreen mode. When I click into the view (not the window) the keyDown: and cancelOperation: do respond in the following.

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The problem was that the window containing the view did receive any keyboard events. One needs to make the window the first responder after leaving the full screen mode.

- (void)cancelOperation:(id)sender {
  NSLog(@"%@ %@ - %@", self.className, NSStringFromSelector(_cmd), sender);
  [self exitFullScreenModeWithOptions:nil];
  [self.window makeFirstResponder:self];
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