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I wish to know where (as in which php file) is a constant being defined. Do you know of any trick of getting this done fast?

Let's say that I'm not familiar with the whole system, but will need a quick fix on this constant. Browsing through each includes files is boring.

UPDATE I'm using notepad++ and accessing the files through FTP client (FileZilla).

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I am sure your favorite IDE has "search in folder" option .. so just look for the constant in the source code of all files in the folder –  Sabeen Malik May 11 '11 at 9:18
hmm, I access the files through FTP client. Let me see if it can search entire FTP site. –  Phelios May 11 '11 at 9:19
Ouch.. I think it's better to download all the files and work on them locally. Also, you should consider using a source control system like git or Subversion. –  Emil Vikström May 11 '11 at 9:24
@Emil yeah.. planning to make a development server soon... thanks for the suggestion –  Phelios May 11 '11 at 9:25

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I usually just grep my way into Mordor:

grep -l 'define..CONSTANT' *

(Note: I always run Unix-like operating systems. I don't know about Windows, but most editors should support something similar).

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use a mult-file search tool or an IDE with that feature, and search across the project directory for define('MY_CONST_NAME', where MY_CONST_NAME is the name of the constant you want to find.

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You need Agent Ransack. Well, really you need a proper IDE, but as a quick fix: download all PHP files and do a search for files containing text define AND CONSTANT. The built in search program on Windows is terrible, so use Agent Ransack instead.

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What IDE you are using? If you are using Eclipse, then its quite easy.. just press Ctrl and click on the constant, it will take you to the line where this constant is defined..

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I would recommend TextMate if your (hopefully) on a mac, if not, get Sublime 2 (beta).

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I don't know well what u want, but with define("CONST_NAME", "value") u define a const.

to check, you use this:

if(defined("CONST_NAME", "value")) { 
//const defined
} else {
//do anything
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